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Based in Muskegon, MI, we’re a licensed and insured roofing and remodel contractor offering a range of professional services across the state of Michigan. We take great pride in providing a comprehensive approach to contracting. The Nailed It mission is to provide excellent service, using the highest quality materials, at prices that don’t break the bank. We provide free quotes, speedy turnaround times, and even work directly with trusted lenders to help our clients find financing options - all in an effort to provide every customer with an experience that goes beyond expectation at every stage of the process. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and every job is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Muskegon Roofing


Choosing the right roofing contractor – and getting the job done right the first time – is essential for protecting the massive investment that is your home. Sloppy work leads to all kinds of trouble, from leaks and water damage to unnecessarily high utility bills, unwelcome pests to long term structural damage. In fact, recovering from a bad roofing job (or any other contract work) is time consuming, expensive, and incredibly frustrating. It’s always better to have things done right the first time!

A quality roofing company won’t reuse flashing, won’t skimp on materials, won’t forget your drip edge, and won’t leave your roof covered in uneven, haphazardly placed shingles. At Nailed It, all of our team members are thoroughly trained in best practices, material handling and disposal, and every step of the building process. We maintain strict quality control to ensure that every job is completed properly, and constantly update our knowledge to make sure we’re using the best materials, modern tools, and meeting (or exceeding) code standards for every single roof we install.

We consider roofing to be our primary speciality, but our commitment to quality craftsmanship and impeccable work extends to all of the contracting services we offer! Learn more about all of the Nailed It services below.

Muskegon Windows


Modern windows are worlds beyond those found in many of Michigan’s older homes. Properly sealing, updated windows allow your home’s HVAC system to work at its best, and prevents you from spending money on all of that temperature controlled air escaping through the cracks!

Our team has experience installing windows of all shapes and sizes – on houses that span styles and ages. We’ll make sure that you’ve got the right fit, the right materials, and all of the appropriate flashing, caulk, and filler to make your windows look great! If you’re not sure what you need, we can help you select the best option for your unique space, from casement and awning-style panes, to storm windows and sliders. Whether it’s a new installation or repair of your current windows, Nailed It has you covered.

Muskegon Siding


The options for siding are practically endless. Vinyl or aluminum? Wood, fiber cement, brick facade? Each material has its advantages, disadvantages, and price point, but if the siding on your house needs repair or replacement, you know it’s a critical decision to make. Your home’s siding protects the internal structure (as well as the foundation) from weather damage, which is important in any climate – but essential for harsh midwest winters.

The Nailed It team will help you select the best choice for your unique home, and provide expert installation you can trust. The hardest part will be choosing the color!


Gutters might not seem like a big deal, but they have a huge effect on keeping your home in good shape. Without gutters on your house, you’re at risk for basement flooding, erosion, foundation damage, excess moisture around windows, and even roof damage. Water from heavy rains can cause all kinds of trouble, and quality gutters (installed correctly) collect that water as it rolls down your roof, divert it into downspouts, and direct it away from your home.

The Nailed It team will assess, plan, and install a gutter system that meets the needs of your home and property, including necessary drainage systems, downspout extensions, gutter guards, and so on. We’ll gladly repair and update your existing gutter system, or help you choose materials and install one from scratch. This investment can save you a ton of money in roofing and foundation repairs down the line.

Muskegon Remodel


Your bathroom and kitchen are among the most important rooms in your home. Remodeling them is a great way to change up the feel of your house – and boost property value. To make sure your remodel looks its best, it’s important to have trustworthy, experienced contractors doing the work. These professionals can also assist you in making informed choices about materials like tile, cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, and so much more.

Because kitchens and bathrooms are so essential to living comfortably, Nailed It strives to provide the quickest possible turnaround times for remodels, but never at the expense of a job well done! Bathroom and kitchen remodels come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re happy to help you determine the scope of your project, exactly what needs to be done, and provide accurate, honest quotes along the way.